WallWalker® Robot

Fully Automated Dustless Surface Preparation & Painting System

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Pentek has developed and successfully demonstrated a new robotic work module deployment system (vertical and horizontal locomotion technology) called the WallWalker® to fully automate hazardous cleaning work. This technology makes it possible to deploy completely automated work modules to large vertical and horizontal surfaces, while eliminating scaffolding, respiratory protection, and other safety equipment required to protect human workers. The WallWalker® was a the result of years of cooperative research and development to demonstrate the feasibility of a completely automated decontamination and radiological survey systems to assist with nuclear cleanup efforts.

In general terms, the WallWalker:

  • Traditionally utilizes up to four gear motors strategically located in/on a given structure to feed cable to a central work head/module
  • Utilizes computer controls to govern the length of the cables (with the help of trigonometry) and moves the central work module over a specified path at a specified velocity
  • System configurable to support scabbling operations, hydroblasting, carbon dioxide, baking soda, chemicals, lasers, flashlamps, abrasive blasting technology, and other cleanup applications
  • Process modules are available to perform 100% dustless surface preparation, paint application, and inspection tasks.
  • Possessed built-in engineering controls keep hazardous emissions, such as lead-based paints, PCBs, and radioactivity, below regulatory limits.
  • Optional waste separation is achieved by a new, high performance solids separation process modeled after Pentek’s world class VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum and waste collection system.

Operations with the WallWalker® can be conducted for long hours and in inclement conditions, reducing project schedules, costs for labor and supervision, and indirect and overhead expenses.


  • Maritime industries where the technology can safely and cost effectively automate the cleaning and/or painting of ship hulls, dry docks, storage areas, and other large support structures.
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Waste storage basins
  • Multi-story buildings