HEPA Vacuums

We SELL and RENT a powerful line of vacuum systems for contractors and commercial markets. Combined with our Hand Tools, Pentek’s vacuum products form an integrated system which minimizes worker exposure to hazardous materials and maximizes productive up-time.


This HEPA vacuum waste collection system provides large, steady vacuum flows to entrain and transport waste over a wide range of operating conditions. The system is designed to:

  • Minimize worker exposure to hazardous waste during operation using dual-stage HEPA filtration
  • Minimize necessary filter changes by self-cleaning its filters
  • Maximize reliability by eliminating almost all moving parts
  • Eliminate direct waste handling by controlling drum replacement
  • Eliminate drum overfilling by automatic level detection





The VAC-PAC® system is configured to order, so please contact us to inquire about available options, including:

  • Vacuum Capacity: 150 to 600 CFM
  • Power: Pneumatic Compressor or 3-Phase Electric
  • Filtration: HEPA or Nuclear Qualified Media
  • Tool ports: 3 to 6
  • Optional Safety Shut-off Valve
  • Optional Integrated Blower and 23-gallon Drum Drawer

(see spec sheet)

Compact Vac

CVPortable HEPA vacuum, ideal for single-person operations such as spot-cleaning. The Compact VAC is available in both pneumatic compressor and electric options.

(see spec sheet)






Wet Separator / Waste Transfer Lid

wet lid with drumPlace in-between the waste to be collected and the VAC-PAC® to collect WET and LIQUID hazardous waste without clogging or fouling the VAC-PAC’s 2 stage HEPA filtration system, while maintaining the high safety margins that are standard with all VAC-PAC® systems.

  • WET waste is deposited in interim 55 Gallon “DROP-OFF” Drum
  • Battery-powered level detection systems warns of full drum
  • Two inch (2″) or four inch (4″) diameter inlet and outlet tubes
  • Heavy wall stainless steel construction for long life and decontamination
  • Separation utilizes a self-powered vortex arrangement
  • Vacuum Seal plus locking safety latches

(see spec sheet)