For Dustless Cleanup of Concrete Floors and Walls

P/N: A06001902 (PDF version)

squirrel-1Pentek’s SQUIRREL®-I is a single piston, air-driven scabbler with localized exhaust that safely removes PCBs, radioactivity, lead-based paints, chromium and other hazardous materials from flat concrete surfaces. This manually operated scabbler scarifies concrete floors and slabs in an environmentally safe manner with a unique vacuum flow design that provides high efficiency control over dust, debris and airborne contamination.

The SQUIRREL®-I’s vacuum flow design eliminates cross-contamination hazards and the need for containment structures, while also minimizing worker protection. Engineering controls to protect the environment and the worker are standard with all Pentek’s manual and robotic tools: Corner-Cutter® needle guns, Roto-Peen Scalers, SQUIRREL®-III floor scabblers and MOOSE® robotic scabblers. The SQUIRREL®-I can function as an independent tool, supported by Pentek’s VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum/waste collection unit, or as an integral component of the Pentek Dustless Decontamination System. The SQUIRREL®-I is manufactured of quality construction materials that facilitate decontamination of the tool and assure a long working life in contaminated areas.



The SQUIRREL®-I’s high speed, aggressive tungsten carbide bit pulverizes protective coatings, laitance, and concrete substrates in a single-step process and provides a suitable surface for the overlay of new protective coatings. The SQUIRREL®-I is especially ideal for spot remediation in deeply settled hot areas, removing surfaces at a nominal rate of 25-30 ft²/hr at depths of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The evacuated tool’s ability to scarify and collect 1/4 inch per pass ably complies with hazardous debris regulations, which stipulate surface removal of 1/4-inch to ascertain contamination levels before an entire slab can be classified for disposal as hazardous waste.

pi11_13 bechtel squirrel 1The SQUIRREL®-I is able to handle hard epoxies or mastic coatings, combining the power of a sledgehammer, with the advanced cleanliness provided by a vacuum attachment designed for radiological decontamination. The SQUIRREL®-I has proven effectiveness in the remediation of transformer pads, plating operations facilities and radiological environments. Intended applications are for horizontal surfaces, but the SQUIRREL®-I can be easily adapted for vertical walls, scabbling within one inch of corners, columns and other obstructions. The SQUIRREL®-I is available for purchase, rental or lease.


Production Rate

25-30 square feet per hour at 1/4 inch depth

  • 31.5 inch length
  • 10 inch height
  • 4.5 inch width

37.5 pounds

Scabbling Bits

One 2 ¼-inch (57mm) diameter, 9-point tungsten carbide-tipped bit

Air Consumption

25 scfm at 90 psig. Unit interfaces with standard ??-inch Chicago fitting.

Vacuum Flow

User must supply 70 cfm of vacuum flow if dust/debris contamination control is required. Unit interfaces with 1 ½-inch vacuum hose. The unit will interface with Pentek designed VAC-PAC® self-cleaning HEPA filtered vacuum and drumming systems.


Non-stock item; please allow 4 weeks for delivery

Limited Warranty

The SQUIRREL®-I is warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery. Pentek makes no other warranties or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to functionality or fitness for use for a particular purpose. In no event shall Pentek be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the application or use of any product provided.