Remote Systems

When tens of thousands of square feet require scabbling or remediation, deploying robotic tools becomes a cost-effective option. By scaling up the same technology that makes our Hand Tools so effective, Pentek’s remotely operated systems are able to handle large-scale decontamination projects.

These systems are typically made to order, but may be available for weekly rental periods. Please email us or see our contact page for details.


moose with operator

A remotely operated floor scabbler designed to scarify large concrete floors and slabs in environments requiring stringent control of airborne contamination and debris while providing exceptional production rates. It is equipped with an integrated VAC-PAC® vacuuming and drumming system and only requires an air compressor to operate. Applications include the safe, efficient removal and collection of radioactive materials, PCBs, chemical residues, heavy metals, and other hazardous materials from manufacturing and utility facilities, military bases, and environmental restoration sites.

(see spec sheet)



An automated, programmable system which traverses walls using two computer-controlled winches. It is used for surface decontamination, surface preparation, painting, inspection and surveillance, as well as general maintenance tasks. Waste storage vaults, tanks, ship hulls are some targeted structures.

(see spec sheet)