Accessories & Spare Parts


Decontamination Tool Parts

Corner-Cutter® Needles & Shrouds

  • 2mm needles, flat top, to meet SSPC-SP11 (P/N: E1-1)
  • 2mm needle holder (P/N: E1-2)
  • 3mm needles, chisel-point, for concrete or steel (P/N: E2-1)
  • 3mm copper-beryllium needles, flat top, for reduced sparking applications (P/N: B11008000)
  • 3mm needle holder (P/N: E2-2)
  • 4mm needles, chisel-point, for brick & fired materials (P/N: E3-1)
  • 4mm needle holder (P/N: E3-2)
  • Vacuum Shrouds, set of 7 (P/N: X-009)

Roto-Peen Consumables

  • 3M Roto-Peen Flaps, set of six (P/N: VP-134E)
  • 3M Roto-Peen Flap, individual (P/N: VP-134)
  • Belt, coated abrasive, 40 grit (P/N: VP-361)
  • Belt, coated abrasive, 120 grit (P/N: VP-387)
  • Belt, coated abrasive, 220 grit (P/N: VP-386)
  • Belt, non-woven nylon abrasive, coarse (P/N: VP-384)
  • Belt, non-woven nylon abrasive, medium (P/N: VP-385)
  • Brush Kit for CAW Option (P/N: VP-333D)


Vacuum System Parts

Tool Manifold

Provide compressed air to multiple pneumatic tools while continuously providing the recommended lubrication.

  • 4 Port (P/N: VP-277)
  • 6 Port (P/N: VP-362)


Vacuum Manifold

Connect multiple 1-1/2″ vacuum tool hoses to a single 2-1/2″ Port.

  • 2 Port (P/N: VP-187)
  • 4 Port (P/N: VP-119N)
  • 5 Port (P/N: VP-124)

Vacuum Tool Manifold

Air & Vacuum Hose

  • Airline Hose, 1/2in, 50ft long (P/N: X-018)
    (1in Chicago fittings at both ends)
  • Airline Hose, 1/2in, 50ft long (P/N: X-014)
    (3/8in Hansen (M) & 1in Chicago fittings)
  • Airline Hose, 3/4in, 50ft long (P/N: DSQ-17)
    (1in Chicago fittings at both ends)
  • Airline Hose, 1in, 50ft long (P/N: VP-107)
    (1in Chicago fittings at both ends)
  • Vacuum Hose, 1-1/2in, 50ft long (P/N: VP-071)
  • Vacuum Hose, 3in clear PVC, per foot (P/N: VPE-221)

VAC-PAC® Nozzles

Connect a variety of hoses, tubes and pipes to your VAC-PAC or MOOSE®.

  • 1.5 inch Hose, Internal Threads (P/N: VP-047)
  • 1.5in Tube (P/N: VP-328B)
  • 2in Tube (P/N: VP-166B)
  • 3in Tube (P/N: VP-120B)
  • 4in Tube (P/N: VPE-222)
  • 2.5in Pipe, Internal Threads (P/N: VP-089B)
  • Plug (P/N: VP-047-P)

VAC-PAC Nozzle

 VAC-PAC Drum Handling

  • Drum, 55 Gallon (P/N: B01135000)
    • For Most VAC-PACs
    • Solid rating: UN1A2/X430/S
    • Liquid rating: UN1A2/Y1.5/175
    • Former DOT specification: DOT 17H
    • Includes disposable disc for dustless change-out
  • Drum, 23.5 Gallon (P/N: VP-068)
    • For MOOSE® & VAC-PACs with Drum Drawer option
    • Includes disposable disc for dustless change-out
  • Aluminum Forklift Pallet (P/N: VP-090A)


  • Aluminum Rolling Dolly (P/N: VP-090B)
    • 1000lb capacity
    • 36 in long x 16-3/4 in wide x 4-1/8 in high
    • Rocker-wheel design allows turning in place

 alum_dolly Aluminum Rolling Dolly, used to simplify drum change-out

  • Drum Alignment Plate (P/N: VP-045)
Drum Alignment Plate

Drum Alignment Plate (shown in the middle), used to align the disposable disk during drum change-out

VAC-PAC Storage Cover

  • Storage Cover for VAC-PAC with Drum (P/N: VP-117)
  • Storage Cover for VAC-PAC without Drum (P/N: VP-098)

VAC-PAC Storage Cover (with Drum) VAC-PAC Storage Cover

VAC-PAC Consumables

  • Foam Seal for Vacuum Plenum (P/N: VP-053)
  • Cap Plug for 4″ Vacuum Port (P/N: A6-1)
  • Cap Plug for 1.5″ Vacuum Hose Nozzle (P/N: A6-2)
  • HEPA Filter, 2-3/4″, Standard (P/N: VPE-067)
  • HEPA Filter, 2-3/4″, Nuclear Qualified Media (P/N: VPE-285)
  • HEPA Filter, 4-3/4″, Standard (P/N: VPE-104)
  • HEPA Filter, 4-3/4″, Nuclear Qualified Media (P/N: VPE-284)
  • Roughing Filter with Hardware (P/N: VP-079)
Full Flow HEPA Filter

VAC-PAC with HEPA Filter

Compact Vac Consumables

  • Disposable Filter Bags, 5/pack (P/N: X-079)
  • HEPA Filter Assembly (P/N: X-080)
  • Intermediate Filter, (P/N: X-081)
  • Cap for Vacuum Inlet (P/N: B08020000)
  • Cap for Hose End (P/N: A6-2)
  • Vacuum & Airline Hose Assembly (P/N: VP-219)


Pentek Pallet Dolly (P/N VP-090D) 

The Pentek VP-090D Pallet Dolly is a lightweight, mobile platform. It is  equipped with six (6) tapered rollers positioned with three (3)  rollers on each side, aligned to the direction of travel.

Pallet Dolly

Pentek Pallet Dolly


  • The Pallet Dolly agile. The design places the two (2) center rollers slightly lower than the end rollers. This creates a central pivot point which allows the dolly to spin around its central axis.
  • The dolly is stable. The 6-roller design provides both balance and strength.
  • The dolly is narrow. The slim  24-inches wide platform comfortably travels down narrow corridors and into tight galleys.
  • The dolly is sturdy. It’s 24 x 36-inch  aluminum cast frame  has a 3,600 lb capacity,
  • The dolly is durable. Its aluminum alloy frame is rust and corrosion resistant (making it a good choice for marine environments.)
  • The dolly is light. Unloaded, the empty dolly weighs 35 lbs.
  • The dolly is easy to care for. It requires no routine maintenance.