Narrow Galley Pallet Dolly

Pentek Pallet Dolly 

(P/N VP-090D) 


The Pentek VP-090D Pallet Dolly is a lightweight, mobile platform. It is  equipped with six (6) tapered rollers positioned with three (3)  rollers on each side, aligned to the direction of travel.


Pallet Dolly

Pentek Pallet Dolly


The Pentek Pallet Dolly Design Provides:

  • Maneuverability: The  two (2) center rollers are positioned slightly lower than the (4) four end rollers. This design creates a central pivot point, allowing the dolly to spin around its central axis.
  • Stability: The pallet dolly  6-roller design provides both balance and strength
  • Narrow design: The dolly’s slim  24-inches wide platform comfortably travels down narrow corridors and into tight galleys.
  • Strength: The 24 x 36-inch  aluminum cast frame  has a 3,600 lb capacity.
  • Durability: The dolly’s aluminum alloy frame is rust and corrosion resistant (and a great choice for marine environments.)
  • Lightweight: Unloaded, the empty dolly weighs 35 lbs.
  • Ease of Care: The dolly requires no routine maintenance.

Pallet Doly


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