Power, Oil & Gas

Pipelines, large fuel storage tanks, transformer pads and countless power generating systems have been decontaminated and prepared for a fresh coat of paint in one step! There is no costly containment to setup before starting the job or additional cleanup after it’s done, because our shrouded power tools capture dust before it’s emitted. Our powerful HEPA vacuum deposits hazardous waste directly into a 55-gallon drum, safely sealed and ready for transport when full.

See how contractors and utilities the world over are minimizing exposure, reducing overhead and staying compliant by using the Pentek System!

Fuel Tanks at Newark Airport

Newark AirportAllied Aviation Services, Including its subsidiary and affiliated companies, is the largest American domestically owned provider of fueling services to the commercial aviation industry. Allied has operated the Newark Liberty International Airport Fuel System for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey since 1973. The maintenance of the airport’s tank farm got a big boost when Pentek delivered a six-tool VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum and packaging system. The model 18A can handle the simultaneous operation of six tools at a distance of up to one-hundred feet. Pentek technicians provided setup and on-site training to the crew from BAKO Construction that is handling the surface cleaning and painting operation. The project is documented in an “Airport Business” article written by the project design engineer, Dennis Eryou.

Fueling Systems in Sasebo, Japan

Weston Solutions’ Fuels-Specific Engineering Services, includes cleaning, inspection, repairs, and construction of U.S. Navy Fueling Systems throughout the world. One such system at the Navy base in Sasebo, Japan is being overhauled with the help of a Pentek multi-tool VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum and packaging system. This operation demands flexibility to handle various size fuel line pipes in a variety of locations and terrain. Air supply and vacuum extension manifolds are employed for maximum flexibility. Pentek also designed a special shroud for its Roto-Peen Scaler. With this modification, the tool will handle pipes with diameters as small as four inches. Weston plans maintain a pool of tool operators for this project and sent an engineer to the Pentek facility for in-depth sessions covering operation and maintenance of all aspects of the system.