Nuclear Decon

Pentek is the industry leader in manufacturing, engineering and designing specialty surface decontamination technologies and processes for nuclear applications. Our technology offers a safe and environmentally friendly methodology that removes, collects and packages the waste in a single-step manner.

Since 1981, our products have been used for critical work scopes in the nuclear weapons complex, commercial nuclear utility industry, and various DOD sites where strict controls are a prerequisite.

The Pentek system offers a proven, dust-free process with built-in engineering controls that protect both the worker and the surrounding environment during the surface cleaning process.


VAC-PAC 15A with Custom Plenum for 6in Hose and 400L DrumsThe Belgian Nuclear Research Centre is one of the largest research centers in Belgium. To meet their demanding requirements, Pentek designed and built a customized model 15A VAC-PAC®. This unit has a four standard sized ports plus an oversized port of nearly six inches in diamater to interface with a special vacuum hose arrangement. Additionally, the VAC-PAC® was designed to make use of an existing supply of 400 liter drums that required an unusual bell shaped plenum.

Hanford Building 233-S

Pentek developed, qualified and deployed specialized decontamination and heavy demolition equipment for Hanford’s 233S Plutonium Decommissioning Project to save time, money, and worker exposure to radiation and radioactivity by demolishing buildings contaminated with radioactivity in “open-air” conditions. Hanford 233-SPentek pioneered this technique in 2003-2004 by demolishing the 233-S Plutonium Concentration Facility, a 50-year-old structure, in which a plutonium fire in 1963 spread extremely high levels of long-lived alpha contamination throughout the building. Keys to safely demolishing highly contaminated facilities include using “fog cannons” to control airborne particles, heavy mechanical shears to take down walls, in-depth project planning, training with mockups, daily work planning by the crews and rigorous monitoring.

Naval Reactors Facility (NRF)

Government contractors at the NRF were performing a large scale remediation project when Pentek delivered a remote control MOOSE® Scabbler to the Idaho National Laboratory site. This six wheeled vehicle is designed to scarify large areas of concrete and features an on-board VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum/drumming system. This particular unit was modified for increased vacuum flow to meet the highly critical requirements.


To complement the MOOSE®, a new, customized VAC-PAC® was also delivered to the NRF site. To maintain procedural compatibility, a drawer was added to place a 23.5 gallon drum at the same height as the waste drum on the Moose. A SQUIRREL®-III floor scabbler and SQUIRREL®-II expansion joint cleaner round out the additions to the NRF decontamination arsenal.