Concrete Scabbling

The SQUIRREL-III floor scabbler decontaminated 11,000 square feet (1,000 M2) of utility trenches that traced the perimeter of the facility floors.When concrete is contaminated with PCBs, radiation or other hazards, scabbling is often the only means of remediation. By removing a thin outer layer from a concrete surface, our shrouded power tools can make a structure safer for occupancy or demolition. Our powerful VAC-PAC® HEPA vacuum captures all dust, debris, and air-borne contaminants for easy transportation and disposal in standard 55-gallon (200L) drums.

Whether you’re applying a new coating system or  a concrete overlay, a Concrete Surface Profile number (CSP 1-9) is often specified according to ICRI’s Technical Guideline No 310.2R. The examples below illustrate how Pentek tools can achieve your requirements:

The following chart can be used as a guideline for the surface profile typically required by different coatings and achieved using different Pentek tools; simply identify your desired coating and move down to find the right tool for the job.

csp chart big

Results vary based on numerous factors such as concrete age, composition, tool air pressure and operator technique. A field demonstration can help all parties mutually establish a surface preparation specification appropriate to the job.

Both contractors and government entities are choosing the Pentek System to minimize exposure, reduce overhead and stay compliant. See our news & case studies to find out why, then contact us to get your system today!

Elmendorf AFB

The U.S. Air Force used a VAC-PAC system at a facility in northern Alaska to remove PCB paint from concrete. A crew from Elmendorf AFB made the trip to Kaktovik with a Roto-Peen Scaler, a Corner-Cutter® Needle Gun and a SQUIRREL®-III Floor Scabbler. The VAC-PAC unit was originally deployed by the Air Force at a base in Germany in 1997, and transferred to Elmendorf AFB in 2007. The fact that the systems remain in service to this day is testimony to the inherent ruggedness and reliability built into each VAC-PAC system.

Emergency Preparedness in Russia

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters is responsible for responding to all emergencies in Russia, including radiological emergencies in civilian areas. A MOOSE® remotely operatedMoose concrete scabbling machine was purchased as part of emergency preparedness plans to decontaminate large masonry surfaces of streets, sidewalks and floors of public buildings and warehouses. Remote operation is possible at distances of up to 150 feet to facilitate access for further recovery operations.