Industrial Painters Move to Pentek Lead Abatement System

The Pentek arsenal of integrated lead abatement equipment is being deployed around the United States as painting contractors, engineering consultants, and owners alike, see the positive benefits of the Pentek dustless system. Pentek’s equipment is meeting the contingencies of different projects, adapting to different physical environments—but always falling well within action level guidelines and job specifications.

George Campbell Painting Corp.

New York-based, George Campbell Painting Corp., one of the largest painting contractors in the U.S., purchased a Pentek VAC-PAC® and three shrouded needle guns and our newest Roto Peen scalers, respectively, for a New York State Department of Transportation bridge painting project. The operation called for de-leading around bearings and failed expansion joints on seven overpass bridges on Staten Island – 20,000 square feet in all. The system was also used to remove lead-based paint (LBP) from 5,000 square feet of the Queensborough Bridge in New York City.

“If we are not using Pentek’s VAC-PAC® to operate their well-designed cleaning tools, we use its self-cleaning filter system to clean out fine dust from our commercial dust collectors or to decontaminate larger equipment as part of clean-up,” said Vice-President Eric Campbell. “In addition, Pentek’s VAC-PAC filter system lasts far longer than any competitor’s unit. We’ve had material go into the VAC-PAC that I know would clog other machines in a second. The self-drumming feature of the machine also makes life a lot easier – no one has to directly handle the waste.”

George Campbell Painting is currently using Pentek’s lead abatement equipment to de-lead portions of the NYC subway system – including four stations on the Brighton Beach line. The System Safety Division of the NYC Transit Authority approved Pentek’s dustless system as the best methodology for the project.

M.L. McDonald Company, Inc.

M.L. McDonald Company, Inc., a large painting contractor in Massachusetts, was contracted by a major consumer products company in Cincinnati to remove LBP from their facility support structures: metal I-beams, trusses, pipes, etc. The owner specifically designated an alternative removal method to abrasive blasting. M.L. McDonald rented Pentek’s VAC-PAC® for central operations to support individual operators with Roto-Peen scalers and Corner-Cutter® needle guns. The Roto Peens are excellent for flat areas, while the Corner-Cutters are ideal for corners, edges, rivets, and bolts. M.L. McDonald also chose Pentek’s self-contained, portable Compact Vacs for single-person, remote operations within the facilities.

Over the course of the extensive, two-month-long de-leading project, M.L. McDonald was continually impressed by the efficacy of the dust collection process: no discernible emissions or airborne particulates were released. “It’s the cleanest, most dust-free system that I’ve ever used,” attested Butch Keeley, M.L. McDonald project foreman. Subsequent to the project, M.L. McDonald was satisfied enough with the Pentek tools that they bought some of the equipment to permanently supplement their operations.

CCC Painting

CCC Painting of Ohio was contracted by the Wright Patterson Air Force Base to abate lead in the supporting structures of a propeller maintenance test cell. This vast structure – 400 feet long by 200 feet wide and 80 feet high – is used for atmospheric testing of aircraft propellers. The Wright Patterson Air Force Base chose CCC Painting and Pentek’s mechanical system over vacuum blasting, because the latter lacked portability, required too much support equipment, and had higher maintenance costs.

CCC Painting is using the Pentek VAC-PAC® model 12, which can support the simultaneous operation of five separate shrouded power tools. The VAC-PAC is complemented with shrouded needle guns and Roto-Peens for a full suite of integrated lead abatement equipment. Workers affixed an electric swing stage to overhead trusses to de-lead the metal structures far above the cell floor. An extension manifold enables the shrouded needle gun operators to range 150 feet away from the centrally located vacuum/collection unit.

“I’m really pleased with the way the machines are working,” said CCC President Tom Kingery. “The equipment is performing exactly like Pentek said it would. Also, the tools are durable – we’ve dropped the Corner-Cutter® needle guns 40 feet with no operational failures.

“Air Force environmental inspectors are out here twice a day,” Kingery continued. “They’re more stringent than public inspectors and have shut many contractors down. But we’re batting a hundred percent-no problem whatsoever. We’re so far below the action level that we don’t have to wear respirators if we don’t want to.”

From these examples, it is apparent that painting contractors are open to an alternative LBP removal process like Pentek’s when it helps them in the bid process, when it more easily adapts itself to the particulars of the project, when it ensures the safety to both worker and environment, and when they get a chance to experience the successful operation of the equipment. Try a Pentek rental for yourself, with an option to purchase.

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