Filter bags come in different shapes, sizes, materials, temperature ratings, contamination removal requirements and other shape factors. Pentek, Inc. is ready to assist you in the selection of the best filter bags for you. We offer consultation services and provide custom solution for any peculiar needs. Please contact us now for any questions by email, phone, live chat or our consultation form.



• Available medias range from 1 to 1500 microns
• Heavy-duty handle for easy installation and removal
• Wide array of media fibers to meet needed temperature and micron specifications
• Bag finish or covers available for strict migration requirements
• OEM replacement ring styles
• Multi-layered filtering capabilities for higher dirt-holding capacities and fewer change-outs
• Dimensions range from 4.12-in diameter × 8-in length - 9-in diameter × 32-in length


Filter bag has different sizes for different needs. Here is a list of common sizes we offer. Note that this is not the full list. Please contact us if you could not find the sizes you need or if you don't know what sizes are suitable for your application.



Our filters are widely used in many industries. 

• Automotive
• General Industrial
• Paints, Inks, Coatings
• Water


Depending on the fiber of the filter bag material, filter bags have different temperature ratings and micron ratings. Please use this table as a reference and contact us for your specific needs.