3M Flaps, Needles and Other Spare Parts

Pentek is an OEM distributor of 3M™ Heavy Duty Roto Peen Flaps – Part Number VP-134E for a set of six flaps, or VP-134 for a single flap. Consisting of tungsten carbide shot attached to a patented flexible, heavy-duty material, these flaps are often used for cost-effective removal of tough coatings and substrate from steel and concrete. When operated via the Pentek Roto-Peen Scaler, the mechanically fractured paint dust is captured and vacuumed at the source, ensuring safety margins and dust control are optimized.

We also distribute sets of replacement hardened steel needles for use in our Corner-Cutter Needle Gun:

  • Part Number E1-1 for 2mm needles, to meet SSPC-SP11
  • Part Number E2-1 for 3mm needles, used on concrete or steel
  • Part Number E3-1 for 4mm needles, used on brick and other fired materials

Non-sparking copper-beryllium needles are also available.

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For Vac-Pac spare parts and accessories, see our Vacuum Accessories page.

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