3M is the industry leader in filtration products. It features filters in residential, commercial, industrial,  and refrigerator OEM applications.  3M Purification Inc. has a full line of drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filters and water softeners. Its Whole House Water Filter and Treatment products can also help provide protection for your home's piping system. With its 3M Commercial Food Service Water Filtration systems, you can help protect your capital equipment while serving great-tasting beverages, clear ice and spot-free dishware. 3M is committed to  maximize your profits through superior water filtration products. On the industrial side, 3M offers a full line of filtration products for groundwater, public utilities, power generation, municipal water, process water, as well as pulp and paper manufacturing. last but not least, 3M Purification Inc. is a global leader in creating both ready-made and custom-engineered filtration products for refrigerator OEMs. It understands OEM customers' needs and develop cutting-edge solutions to address their specific requirements. Pentek sells 3M filters directly to consumers and companies alike. Please contact us for more information.